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Barbara Dean Schacker, cofounder

Barbara Schacker founded Pathways Publishing, a sole proprietorship and Strokefamily.org in 1997. Pathways Publishing is the publisher for GlobalRegen.net, GlobalCurriculum.com, Strokefamily.org, SpeechRecovery.com, Whole Earth Learning Center, ASpringWithoutBees.com and PlanBeeCentral.com. In addition to being a computer software designer and technologist, she discovered the Sensory Trigger, a alternative way to regain speech after stroke or traumatic brain injury. Ms.Schacker has also been a researcher, writer and head librarian for many years.


Barbara Dean Schacker published the first natural-voice software for speech therapy and home applications in 1988 and was honored in 1991 to receive the John's Hopkins University Certificate of Achievement Award for improving the quality of life for the disabled through technology. She was co-founder of Creative Learning Inc.also in 1988. Reader's Digest featured her father's amazing speech recovery and her life story in the June issue of 1991. Since then she has continued to research global regeneration, the brain, alternative therapies and and approaches for speech recovery after stroke or traumatic brain injury. In 1999, she created the first online talking software for aphasia. In 2008, she to bring new approaches, communication techniques, programs and tools to the speech and language and caregiver fields. She continues to produce and direct the projects for Pathways Publishing and is co-author of the Global Curriculum and primary author of GlobalRegen.net.

Michael Schacker, cofounder

Michael Schacker is the author of "A Spring Without Bees, how colony collapse disorder has endangered our food supply." by The Lyons Press, 2008 and The Global Curriculum, an online progressive, alternative world high school curriculum. He headed The Global Regeneration Corporation which is now evolved to The Global Regeneration Network. He is the co-creator of "Ingenuity Bank" software projects with Mitch Ditkoff of Idea Champions and The Global Regeneration Network with his wife, Barbara. In addition to being a science and political writer, he has been a musician and composer. In the late 90s, he wrote and composed a musical, The Song of Blake, based on the life and works of the artist and poet, William Blake. Michael also composed and performed many of his world beat songs with his bands, VOCK and Tribe from 1997-2003. Michael passed away October 30th, 2014.

Other Accomplishments

He was CEO of Creative Learning, Inc. the publisher of the first talking computer program for aphasia recovery. He was CEO of e-Change, Inc. He was CEO of Ingenuity Software, LLC. He authored and developed an online course for the Rodale Institute on "How to transition to Organic Farming", Crisis Management and Code of Conduct, and a Global Regen Vision Mapper to name a few. He is the author of The Global Curriculum, a 30-years plus research and writing project that is the world's first progressive online high school curriculum and life-long learning course for adults. He was a computer consultant and a science writer.

His second book, created from a previous unpublished manuscript, was published by Inner Traditions in the late Fall of 2012. Global Awakening, New Science and the 21st Century Enlightenment is book about the shift in consciousness that will make a positive future for the planet possible. Michael has written and created many other works including The Global Curriculum.

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