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  The Sensory Trigger Speech Recovery Portal

Multisensory speech practice programs, videos, activities, downloads & free resources

The Sensory Trigger Speech Practice Portal includes all three multisensory programs: Let's Talk (for beginners), Speech Bridge (for beginners and intermediate levels), and the Speech Tree sentence-making program (for more advanced level). Access to the portal includes downloadable tools and materials that go with the content in the programs. Also in the Portal: "How to" courses, as well as other guides and free items. The programs use the Sensory Trigger Method that develops new speech pathways through touch, sight and sound--the 3 neuroplastic sensory systems critial for speech recovery. Together, the programs alone cover over 1600 single words that include over 500 core phrases and sentences in over 100 different daily activities. In addition, the "Core Words" gives you an additional 1,000 of the most frequently used and easiest to say words so you can add customize the basic core sentences and start using them in everyday speech. With these programs and resources you can start with saying your first words and then--with continued daily practice-- progress to fluent speech and spontaneous conversations. You can continue to use the method for years to come.

Recommended for aphasia and apraxia. Demos Instructions to get text-to-voice download for free is need for some parts of the programs.


Mac Version of the Sensory Trigger Speech Recovery Portal

The Mac version includes everything that PC verion includes but is a compatable design to be used with a Firefox or Chrome browser. Natural Reader text-to voice app is available for the Mac devices too.


Custom Orders   Not sure if you want all three programs? Choose only the programs you need. Want to order a series of video conference sessions instead? Find out how many you need when you call.

If you think you might not need all three programs, or you have a special situation and you need advice, we'll help you choose the program or program combination that's at your level. Maybe you need a special combination of programs and sessions. Please call us for a phone consultation to find out which programs and sessions will fit your needs and we will put together a special order for you.

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  SESSIONS - video conference call with expert STM coaching

Sensory TriggerTMSpeech Recovery Coaching Session

This speech coaching session teaches you the latest Sensory TriggerTM techniques so you can do this with your family member, or caregiver. During the session we learn how to do the Sensory Trigger and practice it together. Sessions show you how to trigger speech away from any computer or assistive communication device. Sessions can expand and apply the content of the programs, but they go far beyond that. The sessions actually cover a whole different set of content and activities and will give you a personalized speech recovery plan. When you reach a plateau, the sessions are the best way to show you how to get to the "next level" and beyond. The focus is on triggering new speech in the moment and learning to say the easiest, most functional speech for everyday life and how to unblock speech. Some examples: feelings, actions, needs, expressions, requests and more. Speech is triggered with a therapist or partner working with the touch sensory system. More advanced sessions include how to trigger speech on your own, how to go beyond repeating and how to do independent practice using your computer or tablet. Sessions are 40 - 60 minutes and include a personal follow-up email summarizing what was accomplished during the session as well as the assigned speech practice activities. Download of Skype or access to another video call system is free. Let's get you on the schedule! Order by phone.

  $60 each

Professional STM Coaching Session for Speech TherapistsTM

This Pro online session is for therapists alone or with family members all together. Sensory Trigger MethodTM techniques are used to say new words and sentences and the approach and content is the same as the personal sessions--but now it is combined with your professional speech therapist's expertise. As in the personal sessions, the Sensory Trigger techniques are adapted to the individual's level and needs. Family members as well as caregivers and anyone working the client can attend and learn how to practice speech with the client and how to help trigger speech in the day-to-day. The session includes a follow-up email and/or phone call. After ordering call to schedule a time and date for the live coaching session. Pro Sessions are 60 minutes. You will receive emailed instructions on how to set up for the live video session. Download of Skype or access to another video call system is free. If the session is done with a family who has paid for the portal access and/or session, you will be allowed to use the portal on their computer and devices. If you wish to have portal access or all your clients, you will need to have your own account and order a dedicated access link. This allows you to provide free access for all your clients.

  $80 each

  SOLUTIONS - More Speech Practice Courses and Activities

"Encouraging Progress" Speech Practice

These positive statements increase motivation while overcoming negative beliefs. Seven different levels with text and sound take you from single “core words” to 2-word, 3-word, and on up to 7-11 word sentences. The core words are used in each level the person already knows how to say part of the sentence in each level. This builds confidence. It also gradually adds more complex words--more multi-syllable words step-by-step. These sentences have been so successful! Work with them onscreen and then print them out and practice your speech using the Sensory Trigger Method. Recommended for those who have worked with the 3 portal programs or for those who can repeat words after they hear them. The portal programs will teach reading recovery so you know they will be ready for this. If they are unable to read, this program can have teach them how to read read again using the sensory trigger method. Ordering the Pathway to Speech Recovery guide and using it along with this course is highly recommended. All levels may be used onscreen and/or printed out. The text-to-voice app is needed for the voice feature onscreen.


"Pathway to Speech Recovery Guide

Based on years of research and experience, this is the essential piece of the puzzle you need to have. This guide explains how to do the method using all 3 senses. Touch-Sight and Sound. It will give you the information on how you can help your family member talk again—the right way. Included in the guide are the key steps for speech recovery and the key elements of how to do the Sensory Trigger Method in the home with the help of your family members and friends Also, many different things can block speech and prevent speech practice from working. The guide explains how to overcome these blocks. Most important, simple everyday activities are included to do speech practice whenever and wherever you want. Many have said this guide made a big difference for them and was "extremely helpful!"


  About Your Order

Technical Requirements:
Our programs now run on Android devices, iPad, iPod, and medium-sized tablets as well as desktops and laptops. PC - Windows 7 and 8 and up, Apple Mac OS 9.0 or later on a standard size desktop or laptop. Our programs are not recommended for use on very small hand-held devices, because iphone and smart phones screens are too small to have the best visual impact for people with aphasia and apraxia. Our programs require using the hand to make new speech pathways and are designed so the person can work independently. Some people find they are difficult to work on small devices using just one hand. The best computer devices for our programs are desk tops, laptops, and tablets with touch screens.

List of devices that will work: iPad, Kindle Fire - 900px minimum width, Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Asus Nexus 7" or larger, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, iPad Pro, and Microsoft Surface Pro. Make sure you choose a device that can be operated with one hand or has optional port to add a mouse.

Firefox and Chrome browsers are recommended.

Required: Natural Reader (free download comes with program). The Let's Talk program and future programs will also require a media player in order to play some of the sound files. Speech Bridge and Speech Tree require a "Natural Reader" for the voice feature.

A printer is necessary to be able to print out the paper materials that go along with the programs.

External speakers or head phones are highly recommended.


Safe Ordering and Safe emailing. We will never share your information with anyone! All credit information is processed through a secure server with SSL encryption. When ordered by phone all credit information is destroyed as soon as the order transaction is completed. When ordering online please be sure to include your phone number in the cart. We need this in case the email gets "lost" in your INBOX or when we need to contact you about scheduling a session. Privacy Policy  Disclaimer

We accept any major credit card or bank debit card, PayPal, Check, and Postal Money Orders. Our office is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m Eastern U.S. Standard Time. Mondays Through Fridays. Inquiries and tech support calls are available 24/7 and are routed to the home office on weekends. If we are not available, please leave a message with your name, phone number, state or country and a time to call. You may also email Barbara Schacker at info@strokefamily.org anytime.

You will receive a receipt via e-mail from Pathways Publishing with your order. Then you will receive access to the portal in a separate email. Most orders are fulfilled in a matter of hours, yet sometimes it takes a bit longer, so please allow up to 48 hours to receive the links to access of your the portal.

30-DAY WARRANTY AND MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Your money-back guarantee covers 30 days from the time you receive the order. This guarantee applies to the portal access and speech practice activities and solutions. We receive less than 1% returns for refund per year. Your satisfaction is always our main concern and we are always happy to help you!

REFUND POLICY How to request a refund: After reviewing the items and trying out the programs, if you find that it does not fit your needs and you can not use the programs, you must call us to set up the refund. We will then remove access to your online account. Doing this gives us feedback so we can improve our programs and serve everyone better. Before you decide to you an refund, be sure to read the manual on each program and follow the instructions carefully. If there is any technical difficulty you must contact our techical support so we can help you solve any problem. We have very few technical problems and we can usually solve any tech problem. If you do encounter a problem that is blocking the operation of the program, you must call technical support before requesting a refund. All materials downloaded from the portal or received from attachments on emails must be deleted from your computer when the refund is approved. Please do not attempt to get a refund if you have copied or downloaded all the content and intend to use it anyway. To do so is breaking the law and you could be charged with theft. All content is copyighted.

PRODUCT IS GUARANTEED FOR QUALITY OF OPERATION ONLY. If there is a delay in using the programs or being unable to start or use the portal please call us right away. Refunds will not be issued until we have made every effort to correct any problem the client has encountered. We will refund for incompatibility, but we are not responsible for a problem with your computer or an application used in the programs that is published by a different company or web site other than Pathways Publishing. If you have a problem with a separate app, you will contact that company's customer or technical support.

Warranty and Refund does not apply to Sessions and courses with supporting materials and worksheets delivered via email attachments.

Please feel free to call us if you have questions. Thank you!

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